Why Electric Cars?

Do you have a passion for electric car and sustainable energy innovation?

Well, you’re in the right place. The electric car and sustainable energy industries are prosperous, exciting and full of innovation. My name’s Josh and with Easy Electric Cars, I’d like to teach you the ropes of this industry through easy to follow, simple blog posts.

I’ve had a passion for technology for a few years now and recently the renewable industry has really caught my eye due to its rapid uptake. Our future generations are likely to be driving electric cars and will hopefully live in a sustainable world, powered by renewable energy.

With climate protests in progress, we must find a solution to this problem. Electric boats, planes and trains are all innovations which we can be seeing in the future.

All this sounds exciting, but the inner workings of this technology are just as important if not more important. Electric cars and renewable energy is just the start of a journey to make our planet better for the future of humanity.

It’s not just for beginners either!

If you’re more advanced than the rest, there’s still lots of content you can relate too. I’ll be posting weekly, specifically on a Saturday at 6 PM, to cater for all your electric car enthusiast news and information needs. It’s time to create a fantastic future!


Latest blog content

The Quest for a Million Mile Battery
The Quest for a Million Mile Battery
June 13, 2020
Currently, the Million Mile Battery is one of the most sought after technologies in the EV world. Driving for 1 million miles without needing to replace a battery pack is currently unheard ...
Here’s a Look Inside the Motors Driving the EV Revolution.
Here’s a Look Inside the Motors Driving the EV Revolution.
May 9, 2020
What Are Electric Motors? In their simplest form, electric motors are devices which convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They can run off DC or AC electricity, something tha...
Tesla in 2021: What’s Next?
August 20, 2021
Sometimes it can be confusing to work out exactly what's going on with Tesla's lineup. To me, it feels as though they've announced a lot of new and exciting vehicles, however we haven't rea...
Dogger Bank: The Incredible Engineering Behind the World’s Largest Wind Farm
April 7, 2021
The Demand for Wind Power in the UK Of all the renewable energy sectors in the United Kingdom, wind is by far the largest. Approximately 23% of the UK's energy production is made up of w...
Sustainable Homes of the Future: Heating
Sustainable Homes of the Future: Heating
December 27, 2020
Current Heating Consumption of the United Kingdom Historical Heating Demands of the UK (how we used to heat our homes) Using data from the UK governments ECUK, we can see that the net...

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